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The Lextra readers can be grouped into those for A1/A2 level and those for a level above: A2/B1.
The ‘Großstadtgeschichten’ series focusses on the everyday dramas of the Schall family in Berlin. Crime fans can follow detective Patrick Reich on his adventures, or investigate crimes around the German-speaking world with the SIRIUS team. Illustrations and footnotes help with comprehension; exercises in the appendix offer extra practice. Some also include further background cultural information. An audio-book version of the story is also included.

Further Lextra titles for learners of German:


  • - a language course for learners of German with different native languages (Sprachkurs Plus Deutsch als Fremdsprache)
  • - a vocabulary book with the 4000 most frequently-used German words listed by topic with an English translation as well as additional practice books (Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz, Übungsbücher)
  • - a verb lexicon with conjugation tables 164 sample verbs (Verblexikon)
  • - a compact grammar for learners up to B1 level (Kompaktgrammatik)
  • - a practice grammar with exercises focusing on difficult issues for learners (Übungsgrammatik)
  • - an exercise block with tear-out pages for some extra practice (Jeden Tag ein bisschen … )



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