English Language Teaching


  Macmillan Education is one of the world’s largest publishers of English Language Teaching (ELT) material. With publishing hubs across the world, we are well-placed to provide teachers and students with material that suits their learning needs.


  The vast majority of our authors, editors, publishers and ELT consultants in the field have been teachers themselves. This gives them an insight into the minds of our teachers and students and is one of the reasons so many of our ELT products have won awards over the years, as well as high praise from the teaching community.


We are there for teachers and learners throughout the learning journey. We help children learn their first words of English while getting adults on the learning ladder, leading high-school students to exam success and supporting business professionals in order for them to achieve the best in their careers.


  We also publish one of the world’s best-known dictionaries– the Macmillan Dictionary. One of the first dictionaries to go fully digital, our lexicographers are able to interact with the community and make sure our new words are up to the minute, not just updated once a year.


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